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Get more from your tools with Integrations. With over 150 integrations available, unify
data from all your tools in Cascade. No more scrambling between tools. No more context switching.

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EDI Platform

Empower Your Business Connectivity with EDI Platform - Streamlining Your Data, Simplifying Your Success

  • Customizable

  • Satisfaction Rate

Included Capabilities

Features designed for you

Modules & Addons

Procurement and Travel Management modules, Bank Transfers, and Local/Travel Expense Reporting modules with ERP integration, designed for efficient business operations.

  • Procurement Management
  • Travelling Management
  • Bank Transfer Module
  • Local\Travel expense report

Digital Archive

Digital archive system equipped with file content search, robust user permission settings, editing for all file formats with collaborative co-editing features, and advanced virus scanning.

  • File Content Search
  • Antivirus
  • Co-editing features for all file formats
  • User Permission Settings

Approval Process

Integrated approval workflow process connected to all business modules, tailored to user roles and organization units, with the capability to embed into external web applications for seamless operations.

  • Custom organization workflows
  • User, Roles and Organization Units
  • Multicompany Integration
  • Embed to External Web Applications

Advanced Security

Featuring advanced security with 2FA via Azure AD, IP Client Isolation (ICI), and Client Certificate Isolation (CCI), this solution ensures robust protection and secure login for enhanced data safety

  • Corporate Domain Binding
  • Active Directory
  • IP Client Isolation (ICI)
  • Client Certificate Isolation (CCI)
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Advanced Collaboration

  • Document & Chat Collaboration

    Enables platform users to collaborate on documents and in private chat rooms, tailored to specific roles and projects.

  • Streamlined Support System

    Offers advanced support through screenshot sharing and an automated ticketing system for efficient issue resolution.

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  • EDI Modules & Addons
  • Digital Archive
  • Approval Process
  • Advanced Security

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